Homeopathic infertility treatment assesses the environment, the health and status of the patient and the entire reproductive system.

This is done by treating underlying issues that may affect fertility, including endometritis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts. Homeopathy also ensures that patients have a normal hormonal balance.

While Homeopathy is generally used as a last resort, it can certainly be used prior to IVF and conventional approaches to assist with fertility issues.

How homeopathic treatment for infertility may help

For females, it balances and regulates the body’s hormones, and enhances the ovulation process. For males, it helps to increase sperm count, mobility and also their morphology by naturally stimulating the body.

Since infertility also has an emotional impact on patients, homeopathy also attempts to alleviate emotional blockages, stress and anxiety that may affect fertility.


During the consultation, we will discuss your family situation, your journey with conception as well as any areas of concern.

If necessary, ultrasounds or blood tests may be ordered. Our approach to infertility treatment is to address the patient, the partner, as well as the biology and physiology involved.

Treatments may include biopuncture, dietary and nutritional advice, homeopathic remedies and herbal or nutritional supplements.

It is advisable that both partners are involved in the consultation process to achieve the best possible results.

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