Our approach to paediatric care

With children, the aim of homeopathy is to allow their immune system to be stimulated enough so that they are able to overcome illnesses a lot faster and with minimal complications.

At our consultations, we allow children to express themselves with colouring, drawing and often include them talking and expressing their own concerns under the supervision of guardians.

Examinations are done with the utmost of care to maintain their personal space and allow them independence and dignity so that they grow up being able to communicate their concerns for their health confidently.

Often, we find children being placed in a fearful relationship with their healthcare provider. In our practice, our child patients learn to associate the doctor with nature, play, and confidence.

What do we treat?

We treat the most common health problems in children, including recurrent infections such as ear infections, asthma, coughs, colds and upset stomachs. Homeopathy may also be useful in treating eczema in children.

Why choose Homeopathy for your children?

Homeopathy provides a safe method of healing, restoring your child to a better level of health and making them less likely to become sick. It is being recommended for children when conventional medicine has limited treatment options. In essence, homeopathy stimulates your child’s body to naturally heal itself.

Children's bodies are especially receptive to homeopathic treatments. Their illnesses are generally shorter in duration than adults. They have been exposed to fewer toxins and stress factors, their immune systems are easier to stimulate, and they often respond more quickly to homeopathic treatment.

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