Homeopath on Main is a family practice where we assist both the young the old.

Dr Esmailjee consults for acute ailments such as asthma, the flu, allergies, common colds, random aches and pains, and chronic conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, eczema, and heart disease.

She describes the consultation as a journey to listening to your body as the questions provide a lot of insight into your body’s needs.

What is the initial evaluation like?

The consultation duration will be between 30 minutes to an hour for a new patient; this may vary based on the severity of the condition. Each area of concern is dealt with in intense detail.

Dr Esmailjee will spend some time trying to understand your particular symptoms by conducting a relevant physical examination which includes measuring your vitals, such as blood pressure and sugar levels.

Dr Esmailjee will also ask about your physical, mental, and emotional complaints or challenges. In addition, she will try to learn what makes the symptoms better or worse, what kinds of foods you crave or don't like and what your sleep patterns are like.

She may ask you to give specific descriptions of your body’s sensations because homeopaths find this very helpful. These very detailed questions might seem unusual if you have only received conventional medical care, but they are critical in a homeopathic evaluation.

How do we choose suitable remedies?

Once Dr Esmailjee gathers all of your information, she will review your data and look for patterns. These patterns will guide her to a homeopathic remedy that has a similar symptom pattern.

Your symptoms will likely be cross-referenced on a computer database called Materia Medica, which lists the various remedies and their characteristic symptoms.


Sometimes we will make an immediate recommendation and provide you with the remedy at the first visit. Other times, we need to study the information and contact you at a later stage with a recommendation.

There may be a number of possible remedies for any given ailment. Depending upon your situation and strength, and the remedy involved, we may recommend a one-time dose or a series of doses of a particular remedy.

Homeopathy is an iterative process: we will make our best recommendation of the remedy and dose, but after this, we will monitor your response and possibly change the remedy or the dose to optimise the treatment.

Treatment options may include biopuncture, dietary and nutritional advice, homeopathic remedies and herbal or nutritional supplements. Relevant dietary and lifestyle advice may also be discussed.

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